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Bill of Responsibilities for Persons with Disabilities

Along with Civil Rights, Animal Rights, and every other group's rights, we of course include the rights of the persons with disabilities. What no one talks about is that we "earn" our rights by accepting responsibilities.

As children, we were taught that if we acted responsibly, we received freedoms. I submit that our "rights" would be far less in jeopardy if we accepted more responsibility for the rights we already enjoy.

Therefore, the following is a a Bill of Responsibilities for the persons with disabilities- to balance the Bill of Rights:

No one person will have a great impact on the attitudes of the public toward people with disabilities. However, each of us has a good chance of improving feelings towards us on an individual basis.

Do we take responsibility of treating our relationships as most important? We are no different from everyone else. We love, forget, get angry, become frustrated, laugh, and have friends - but we do it with a disability.

And along the way we gain another perspective: The greatest learning experiences of life are often the most painful. Maybe we should be thinking about the responsibilities associated with the "rights" we demand.

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