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Peer Supporter Volunteer

So you've struggled to cope with your disability. You finally have adequate, affordable housing. You can manage your finances and you can effectively use public transportation. Or better still, you've advocated for yourself and became the proud owner of a lift-equipped van which you safely drive all over the "world."

You've become reasonably successful in learning to overcome the obstacles and barriers which prevented full participation in your community as a dignified, contributing member. You have learned the coping skills which allow you to make decisions and mistakes . . . and be responsible for the consequences. You can assert yourself in a positive way, sharing your needs, opinions, feelings and desires with your friends, family members and professionals.

Most of the time you get what you want and feel good about yourself and your relationships with others. You realize your disability has presented challenges which have promoted stretching and growth. You feel confident, self-assured and contented. But there is something missing. You'd like to find someone to share these experiences with. Just maybe what you have learned is not unique. Maybe someone else would benefit and grow if you teach what you have learned to them.

If the above description fits you, then you are wanted as a Peer Support Volunteer to help others in their journey to self-discovery, self-acceptance and independence. To learn how you can assist others with disabilities to help themselves, contact Tri-County Independent Living Center to become part of the movement which promotes independence, advocacy and civil rights.

Classes are forming now!

Free Peer Support Training Classes Are Forming Now!

More Information

Call Voice 330-762-0007 or Ohio Relay: 711 to get more information and begin the application process.

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